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The Beatles Photo of 1967 - Original by Toni Stevens

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The Beatles Photo 1967 by Toni Stevens

"The Beatles Uncovered 1967 !" - by Toni Stevens

Famous Ibiza resident, Toni Stevens, bass player with the pop 70s rock band "Foghat", rediscovered a rare Beatles photo whilst on a trip back to Ibiza this year after a long tour in the States. Lost for many years, this totally original photo was taken in 1967 at the"Speakeasy Club" in London. The occaision was a party given in honour of "The Monkeys" who had just arrived in the UK for their first ever tour after achieving phenomenal succes with their TV shows in Europe. All the top "elite" of "the swinging 60s pop scene" were at the party, as was y young aspiring musician called Toni Stevens. He managed to catch the 4 Beatles together in a one off pose relaxing at the party. Toni carefully saved this precious photo but between international tours with his group "Foghat" & house moves all over the world, the photo was misplaced. "The Beatles Uncovered" photo only came light when Toni snatched a quick brek from touring in the States in Ibiza where he has use of an apartment for years. Toni discovered the carefully stored photo in the apartment and the memories of those hazy, crazy sdays of the 60s coming flooding back. Toni realised, that he had re-discovered a unique piece of pop memoriabilia that aught to be shared with all Beatles lovers all over the world. He has now decided to make a limited edition of one thousand signed copies of the photo as a poster, tastefully framed & presented, measuring 50 x 50 cm for sale at 999 dollars each via the internet. When the thousand limited editions are sold, this original, priceles photo will be auctioned with all proceeds going to a childrens charity of Tonis choice. Dont hesitate ! Sign up today for your own piece of pop history ! Ther are no negatives of this photo and no one in the world has not had the chance to see this piece of pop history before untill now !

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!!! Buy your signed poster copy of this famous photo now !!!

!!! Kaufen Sie jetzt die limitierte original signierte Posterkopie des original "Beatles Uncovered" Fotos !!!

Sold direct by / Verkauf direkt durch Toni Stevens(Ibiza, Spain)

Price / Kaufpreis US$ 999 / Delievery time/Lieferzeit ca. 28 Days/Tage

Kontakt: Toni Stevens - Ibiza @ Fax-No. (+34)-971-803605 or @

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